7 Most Inspiring Celebrity Weight Loss Stories ...


7 Most Inspiring Celebrity Weight Loss Stories ...
7 Most Inspiring Celebrity Weight Loss Stories ...

Are you struggling to lose a few extra pounds, girls? Is the constant dieting and gym starting to get you down? Sometimes we all need a little wake up to remind us why we put so much work into our bodies so I’ve compiled a list of inspirational celebrity slimming stories to show you again how rewarding it is when the weight comes off. These fabulous ladies shed their extra baggage healthily and sensibly and today they’re looking better than ever.

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Kelly Osbourne

Kelly Osbourne dropped 40 lbs after her stint in Dancing with the Stars inspired to live a healthier life. She ditched the pizza, French fires and sodas and concentrated instead on eating only lean meats, complex carbs and salads. She also hired herself a personal trainer and started gymming on a regular basis. Her new bikini-gorgeous body and great muscle tone is real advert for good old fashioned diet and exercise.


Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson dropped a hefty 5 dress sizes when she went from an ultra curvy 16 to a trim and toned size 6. She swears by Weight Watchers and is now a spokesperson for the slimming dynasty. Not a fan of the starvation trend, Jennifer believes firmly in portion control and learning to curb your cravings.


Queen Latifah

Now an ambassador for diet and weight loss guru Jenny Craig, Queen Latifah shed 20 lbs a few years ago and so far, she’s managed to keep the weight off. Latifah is adamant that slimming is about lifestyle. She eats healthy foods, watches her portion sizes and engages in regular exercise. ‘Everything in moderation,’ is her personal philosophy, and she drinks plenty of water to stay hydrated as well.


Melissa Joan Hart

After her pregnancies the former star of Sabrina the Teenage Witch struggled desperately with her size. Weighing in at 170 lbs and standing only 5’2, Melissa’s problem was pretty serious. While the weight didn’t come off immediately, this celebrity mom never gave up and after a year of gym, lean meats and salads, her body was back to bikini standard.


Jennifer Love Hewitt

While Miss Hewitt could never, ever have been described as porky, some paparazzi shots and bitchy blogs about her ‘cellulite’ motivated her to kick her exercise routine up a gear and start focusing on healthy eating. Jennifer lost a couple of dress sizes and has herself looking totally hot again.


Jennifer Lopez

After giving birth to twins in 2008, Jennifer Lopez gained around 50 lbs. Since then she’s slowly been shedding the weight with a combination of healthy eating and regular exercise. Today, Jennifer is back on form and looking gorgeous – but don’t worry ladies, that famous bootie hasn’t disappeared!


Sara Rue

This feisty red-headed star has not only lost 50 lbs, but has also completed a half marathon! Along with Queen Latifah, Sara is a spokesperson for Jenny Craig and is a big fan of portion control and regular exercise.

Each of these celebs has shed the extra pounds through a sensible combination of diet and exercise, proving that there’s no such thing as a weight-loss quick-fix. If you want to drop a dress size, girls, get on those training shoes and ditch the junk food: hard work is the only way to success. Do you agree ladies? Who is your slimming inspiration? Let me know; I’d just love to compare notes!

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sara rue and jennifer hudson are my inspirations. i WILL lose weight!

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