15 Weight Loss Tips for Women in Their 20's ...


You want to lose weight, but you don’t want to follow your mom’s weird, boring diet, and certainly, you don’t want to read any of the weight loss tips she uses.

You’re young!

You need weight loss tips for women in their 20’s, not their 50’s!

My dear, you have a very valid point.

Your issues, habits, and needs are very different from older women, so I’ve chatted up my personal trainer and scoured all of my trusty sources, and compiled this list, just for you.

Here are 10 weight loss tips for women in their 20’s, like you!

1. Start Now!

Did you know that the sooner you start losing weight, the more successful you’ll be?

So you’re lucky, sweet thing, this fact seemingly designed to be a weight loss tip for women in their 20’s.

Your metabolism is naturally faster than older women, new healthy habits quicker to learn… so go!

Start now!

2. Try for Five

This weight loss tip for women in their 20’s is a two-for… because you ought to aim for five servings of fresh fruits and veggies every day, and you ought to aim for eating five small meals a day (rather than three big ones).

How will these help?

Because if you eat five small meals a day, you won’t have the chance to be ravenous and weak to temptation, and because this constant eating will keep your metabolism in high gear.

The five fruits and veggies are important because they’re loaded with nutrients you need, like the diet’s friend fiber, to aid digestion and keep you feeling fuller, longer.

3. Get Help at Home

Whether you live with roommates or still live at home with Mom and Dad, you’ll have an easier time dieting if you enlist their help.

If no one in your house buys junk food, then you won’t be able to indulge during a moment of weakness and break your diet.

And if you and your roomies or parents are all dieting, you’ll be there to encourage each other, too!

Know Your Servings Sizes
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