These Are the Reasons You Aren't Losing Weight ... Probably ...


Are you stuck on a weight loss plateau?

Maybe you are not losing weight as fast as you thought?

It can be disheartening to realize these things but if you can pinpoint the issues, you can do something about it.

Go through these reasons you aren’t losing weight, see which ones apply to you and you can make the necessary changes.

1. You Overeat Healthy Foods

You Overeat Healthy Foods

Things like dark chocolate, nuts, and olive oil are all healthy, but not if you overeat them.

Moderation and portion control is essential.

2. Walking the Dog is Your Only Exercise!

Walking the Dog is Your Only Exercise!

It’s definitely a start, but you really can’t class walking the dog as your one and only form of exercise!

3. You Don’t Drink Enough Water

You Don’t Drink Enough Water

Drinking water is absolutely essential to the weight loss process, as it helps with hydration, portion control, and an overall better feeling of fullness between meals.

4. Wrong Post Exercise Snack

Wrong Post Exercise Snack

The ideal snack for after a workout should be in the region of 150 calories;

a hand full of trail mix is ideal.

5. You Never Indulge

You Never Indulge

In a weird way, people who don’t sneak a candy bar every now and then are more prone to binge later on and stall their weight loss completely.

6. You Eat out a Lot

You Eat out a Lot

Restaurant dishes can be deceptively high in calories;2

even if you think something like a salad is healthy, it can have lots of fatty dressings etc.3

7. You Don’t Keep a Food Diary

You Don’t Keep a Food Diary

Writing down everything you eat in a journal can bring up some surprising habits that you never even realized you had.

8. You Overindulge on Low Fat Foods

You Overindulge on Low Fat Foods

Just because certain foods are low in fat, it does not mean that they are necessarily healthy or have low sugar content.

9. You Don’t Allow Fun

You Don’t Allow Fun

Not having fun can cause stress, which in turn can lead you to comfort eat.

Maintain a healthy lifestyle balance and you should be fine.

You Starve Yourself
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