20 Great Ways to Tone Your Stomach ...


On newsstands this week is the latest list of the worst celebrity beach bodies, and rather than being grossed out, you’re comparing their less-than-perfect bods with your own, paying special attention to the abs.

But, sweetie, rather than wallowing in muffin-top regret, like Deena Cortese, why not find new ways to tone your stomach, and get back to fit from flab?

I can help… really!

Here are 20 great ways to tone your stomach.

So put down that trashy tabloid and let’s go!

1. Bust the Myth

Bust the Myth

This is simple, but so many people don’t know this!

It is impossible to tone one part of your body.

That’s right!

There is no exercise you can do or food you can eat (or not eat) to tone your stomach.

Your only option, then, is to make changes to your diet and add exercises to your routine that will alter your body all over… luckily, though, many exercises to tone your core are also ways to tone your stomach.

If any product promises to “bust belly fat,” it’s a scam.3

Keep going with this list instead, and you’ll see what I mean.2

2. Try for Five

Try for Five

If you’re going to be fit and healthy, you need the right fuel to keep you going.

According to the USDA, my own personal trainer, and my fitness and nutrition professor, 5 servings per day of that fuel ought to be fresh fruits and veggies.

They provide loads of fiber and antioxidants, and they also give you a slow-burning energy.

Can sweets or chips do that?


So one of the best ways to tone your stomach is actually to feed it properly… fantastic!

3. Ditch the Empty Calories

Ditch the Empty Calories

Now that you’re filling up on fresh fruits and veggies, you won’t have room for the empty calories in sodas, candies, chips, fast food, and other junk foods.


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