7 Foods You Should Stop Eating if You're Trying to Lose Weight ...

Kudos to you if you’re embarking on a weight loss journey.

It’s never easy to shed excess weight, but the payoffs are huge.

You’ll be healthier and happier with a trimmed down physique.

Losing weight means burning more calories than you take in.

In addition to plenty of exercise, you’re also going to need to make cuts in your diet.

The following foods should never be part of a weight loss meal plan.

Once you reach your goal, you can go back to indulging in small portions once in a while without risk of piling the pounds back on.

1. Put down the Can of Soda and Step Away

Put down the Can of Soda and Step Away

There is nothing good about a soda, other than its delicious taste.

Soft drinks are packed with sugar, which can lead to skin issues, insulin resistance and obesity.

There are no nutrients in soda either.

When you down your daily can or two, you are simply filling your belly with empty calories.

People who nix the soda often get the #weight loss results they’ve been wanting without having to make too many other dramatic dietary changes.

You can do this!