9 Eating Habits That Cause Weight Gain in People ...


We all try to watch how and what we eat, but I also wanted to talk about eating habits that cause weight gain.

I know that with eating healthy, it sometimes feels like we’re darned if we do and darned if we don’t, but there is hope!

If we stay on top of the way we eat, it can make a huge difference in our health and well-being!

Check out some of these classic eating habits that cause weight gain so we can avoid these diet pitfalls!

1. Stop and Think

When you think about eating habits that cause weight gain, one of them happens to be not being as mindful when we eat.

Think about it, you missed eating breakfast at home and you arrive at school or work starved.

If someone happens to have donuts or pastries, it’s an easy way to satisfy hunger quickly.

The negative is that those quick eats are typically nutritionally deficient with lots of sugar, fat and calories.

Always stop, take a deep breath and think about your food choices before eating.

2. You Fear Fat

Another bad eating habit is strictly sticking to foods that are labeled low-fat or fat-free.

For one thing, our bodies need fats.

Secondly, most low or fat-free foods do not necessarily mean that they are good for you or low in calories.

Try to stick to making your own meals as much as possible and leave the pre-made or packaged foods for those times you absolutely can’t get anything fresher and healthier!

3. You Don’t Eat Enough

Another possible cause of weight gain is when you don’t eat enough.

I know this can sound confusing since a big part of weight loss is to eat smaller portions.

We can get into trouble when we don’t enough and don’t get the proper amount of calories we need each day.

Not getting enough to eat might seem like a quick way to lose but it can slow down weight loss, cause changes in mood and even trigger binge eating.

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