8 Crunch Free Abs Exercises ...


Sometimes, a girl just wants a flat stomach without crunches, but are there any crunch free abs exercises?

Yes,there are some great crunch free abs exercises that work the lower, upper, and outer abs for a fully flattened effect.

Here are my favorite no-crunch exercises that pack a major punch in the result arena!

1. Boat Pose

Leave it to a yoga enthusiast to have the first of the crunch free abs exercises be yoga based.

This pose is great for working both the upper and lower abs as well as the back and shoulders.

Lay on your back and raise your legs, torso, and arms off the ground until you are in the shape of a "V." Your arms should be straight out above your head and the only part touching the ground should be your tailbone.

I try to hold this for one minute to start, then increase the time as desired.

2. Plank Twist

Plank position is great for the upper and lower abs.2

To make this position even better, try adding a little twist - literally.

Once you are in plank, rotate your hips to the left so your right hip is almost touching the ground, then rotate to the right.

Continue twisting from one side to the other for a minute, then add more time as desired.

This will give you oblique abdominals a major workout and is not so bad for the shoulders either.

3. Tornado

Oh goodness will this work all your abs!

Start laying on your back with legs about two inches off the floor.

Rotate legs in a counterclockwise motion to the right side, straight up, then to the left, holding each position for about fifteen seconds.2

Complete 2 or more rotations, then alternate so your legs are going in a clockwise rotation for the same amount of time.

The lower you can get your legs to the ground while keeping hips even, the more of a workout you will get.

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