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You'll Never Believe That These 7 Things Are Making You Hungrier ...

By Alicia

There are actually some foods and beverages that can make you hungrier rather than help keep hunger at bay. You may not feel the effect immediately, but it won’t be long until you find yourself reaching for another snack. If you’re trying to lose weight then this is exactly what you don’t want. These are 7 things to avoid if you’re trying to eat less.

1 An Apple a Day Doesn’t Keep Hunger Away

I love apples. This is one of my favorite snacks and I always keep a stash in my fridge. But they can make me hungrier. I’ve heard this from others as well. If you’re eating an apple to stave off hunger, it’s best to pair it with a little protein like a piece of string cheese or a tablespoon of peanut butter to dip it in.

2 Chewing Gum Makes You Want to Chew Something else Quickly

All chewing gum is not created equal. Some varieties make you hungry. In my experience, sugar-free gum is less likely to create hunger than gum with sugar. Of all the sugary gums, Juicy Fruit seems to be the worst. If I have a stick of that, I’m starving within an hour.

3 White Bread is Wimpy at Holding off Hunger

Bread is a carbohydrate that your body very much needs. But your body needs carbohydrates that offer more than a quick spike in energy and blood sugar, which is exactly what white bread does. Choose whole grain bread to keep hunger away. It can take a while to get used to the stronger taste of whole grain bread, but it’s worth it. Another thing to avoid along the line of white bread is white pasta; if you’re going to have pasta, choose whole wheat.

4 Gummy Candies May Be Yummy but That’s All

I love gummy worms, especially the kind that a’re sour and covered with decorative sugar. But they’re terrible at keeping hunger at bay and it’s no wonder. They’re straight sugar so a sugar crash isn’t far off when you indulge in gummy candies. I try to limit myself to enjoying these only on special occasions, such as a trip to the movies. The last thing I want is to eat something that makes me hungrier and I’d say many of you agree.

5 Potato Chips Make You Want to Munch on More

There’s a reason you can’t eat just one. Potato chips are a simple carb that doesn’t stay with you. They’re tasty but not satisfying. Have you ever found you ate more potato chips than you planned to and were still hungry? While it’s okay to have a small handful with a sandwich on occasion, this isn’t a food you can count on to keep hunger away.

6 Diet Soda Won’t Help Your Diet at All

Diet soda isn’t the answer to your desire for soda. It seems like a better alternative to regular soda, but that’s not the case. Diet soda has actually been linked to weight gain. This article on goes more in depth on the subject. Choosing other beverages could be a better choice.

7 Alcohol Adds More Calories than What’s in Your Drink

Alcohol is added calories but besides that fact, there’s another way alcohol hurts your weight loss efforts. It causes carb cravings. Because of this you’re actually being hit twice. First from the calories alcohol adds to your diet and secondly, from the extra calories you take in due to carb cravings. It’s a good idea to be careful of your alcohol consumption, especially if you’re trying to lose weight.

These are 7 things that can actually make you hungrier. What things make you hungrier? I’m interested in hearing your answers.

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