Never, Ever Say These Things to Someone Who is Dieting⚠️🗣 ...


Some of the worst things to say to someone who’s dieting are obvious while others - not so much. In today’s age and time, dieting has become one of the most controversial issues that none of us can seem to escape. We all know there are just some things you really don’t want to hear when you’re on a diet, so how about we give the same courtesy to others. Even if you don’t agree with someone’s diet, be sure you avoid some of the worst things to say to someone who is dieting and remember "to each her own”.

1. You’re Too Skinny


Telling someone they’re too skinny is one of the worst things to say to someone who's dieting. It's a very negative way of saying you've noticed they have lost weight. Instead, perhaps you could say, “You’ve lost a lot of weight. How are you feeling?”

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