What is Your Dieting Personality?


What is  Your Dieting Personality?
What is  Your Dieting Personality?

There are probably very few women, including me, of course, who have not gone on a diet at some point in their lives. Whether you wanted to lose a few extra pounds, or you went through a much more intensive weight loss journey, dieting along with exercise is, of course, one of the central pillars of any health and fitness change in your life. Did you know, however, that your attitude to a diet might be completely different to those of your best friends? We all have varying and unique personalities, so it makes sense that we can be totally different when it comes do dieting as well! Here are some classic dieting personality types. It will be interesting to know which one are you? Please let us know in the comments.

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The Thinker

You overanalyse everything that you are putting into your body, to the point where maintaining what you regard as a healthy diet becomes a chore rather than a positive lifestyle choice. This is one of the most common dieting personalities!


The Craver

You spend most of your day struggling to resist the multitude of cravings that you get for all the food you know you are not supposed to eat. Diet food could be equally as tasty, but the forbidden nature of the foods you are trying to avoid is almost irresistible.


The Socialiser

You ideally like to spend every evening of the week doing something fun with family or friends, and because of this you find it very hard to be strict with yourself when it comes to dieting. It is much easier to stay on track when you are home alone, but when you are meeting for drinks and dinners more often than you are spending the evening on the couch, self control can start to be a bit of an issue.


The Foodie

You are just the ultimate food lover. It isn’t necessarily that you eat all the wrong things, it’s just that you love to eat EVERYTHING! You can’t bear the thought of denying yourself certain foods, so a diet is something that makes you miserable even when you know that you have to do it.


The Freewheeler

If you are somebody who doesn’t like to plan meals in advance, then you are much more likely to make fast and bad choices when it comes to things like pre-packaged and junk foods. Freewheelers find it hard to possess the forethought and planning that comes with being on a strict diet; the idea of doing something like meal prepping for the week doesn’t even cross their mind.

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