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Did You Know There Are 5 Different Types of Body Fat ?

By Lydia

If you are currently on a weight loss or overall fitness journey, then you have probably already read and heard the phrase ‘body fat’ more times than you ever thought you would in your life! It’s something that is always at the focus of any regime ... the various ways to eliminate it and get rid of it to become more toned ... but did you know that there are actually five different types of body fat that can be identified within your body? Let’s take a look and learn about each one.

1 Brown Fat

This is the ‘good’ kind of fat that helps to provide your body with cellular energy. It actually exists by feeding on droplets from the white fat, so in effect, it helps to keep your weight down as well as giving you the energy that you need. It’s also responsible for regulating your core temperature.

2 Beige Fat

This is a mixture of brown and white fat that is found along the collarbone and spine. It’s the kind of fat that is turned to beige from white thanks to the hormone irisin that is released in the body when you do exercise.


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3 White Subcutaneous Fat

This is the kind of fat that stores calories and produces something called adiponectin, which is a hormone that helps the muscles and liver to manage insulin levels. A problem can start to arise if you have too much white sub fat in your body because it leads to your metabolism slowing down and results in weight gain around the hip, tummy and thigh areas.

4 Subcutaneous Fat

This is the fat that is just underneath the skin, the fat that is measured to determine a person’s body fat percentage. It is located all over the body but in particular the bum, thighs, and backs of arms. You want to avoid growing too much sub fat around your stomach because this is a leading factor in developing things like obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

5 Visceral

This is arguably the most dangerous fat, found around the spaces of the abdominal organs. It can be present in the form of a large belly, or in more serious cases an enlarged liver. This kind of fat raises cholesterol and releases inflammatory chemicals that can contribute to cancer and diabetes.

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