7 Sure and Easy Ways to Stay Fit on Vacation ...

As I prepare my personal training clients for summer vacation, many are searching for ways to stay fit on vacation. After all, if you put in months of hard work to have a lean, tight and healthy body, why sabotage this over vacation? Did you know the average person can gain 4-6 pounds in just one week of vacation? Don’t worry, I am not going to feed you with an intense fitness program to do while you are on vacation, but I will provide you with some great tips on ways to stay fit on vacation. If you follow my tips you will stay fit while still having a blast on vacation. Here are my ways to stay fit on vacation.

1. The Early Bird Catches the Worm (and Burns More Calories)

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Wake up early to start your day the right way and go for a run or swim. I always run while on vacation because it is a great way to explore and see the sights. When I vacation close to a beach or on a resort that is where I run, and it feels great to challenge myself and explore a new area. If you run early you will not disturb the friends or family you are on vacation with – or better yet, why not recruit them to join you? Why lose the hard work you put in to prepare for vacation while you are away? Rising early for a run tops my ways to stay fit on vacation for this reason.

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