9 Amazing Ways to Workout on the Go ...


9 Amazing Ways to Workout on the Go ...
9 Amazing Ways to Workout on the Go ...

Being busy sometimes means we can’t really workout; however, I’ve come up with 9 ways to workout on the go. These ways to workout on the go may seem a bit weird at first, especially if you’re self conscious, but in the end you’ll be one happy camper... one happy FIT camper!

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Warm up

The first way to workout on the go is by doing a warm-up. You know, run in place a little bit, do some jumping jacks, just something to get your heart rate going. Once your heart rate is up then the real workout can begin.



The next way to workout on the go is by stretching. There are many times when people start a workout and then by the end they feel like they’ve pulled something or they feel as if they can’t walk. Don’t forget to stretch. Hold each stretch for 15-30 seconds. Do some toe touches and even some arm stretches.


Arm Curls

Another way to workout on the go is by doing arm curls. Sometimes my purse can be super heavy and so are my books. What I like to do is use the weight from the purse or books as dumbbells and curl them. I do about 3-5 sets of 15, and by the end my arms feel so good!


Flutter Kicks

Flutter kicks are another way to workout on the go. Have you ever seen a little kid sitting in a chair kicking their feet? Well those kids are getting a workout. If you use their technique and some more isolated movements you can get a great workout. Sit in a chair, hold your feet out in front of you no higher than your hips, then contract your abs and kick your feet for about 45-60secs. It seems a little odd, but it works the core in one of the simplest ways.


Wall Sits

Wall sits have got to be the most interesting way to workout on the go. If you aren’t familiar with a wall sit, just lean against a wall and slide down until your knees are at a 90-degree angle. From this position just hold it for however long you can, and trust me, your legs will be on fire after, but they will be toned! Toned legs from just sitting... I love it!


Arm Circles

Ever see a child just moving their arms in a circular motion? Well they’re doing a workout on the go, just like those flutter kicks! Arm circles help to tighten your deltoids (also known as shoulder muscles). Just move your arms in a forward motion for maybe 30secs and then in a backward motion for 30secs. Keep going until your arms are tired and there’s your arm workout for the day.


Mini Crunches

My favorite way to workout on the go is by doing mini crunches. I’m someone who loves having abs, and I adore how defined they can be. Sitting in class many times I do an ab workout. Sitting upright in a chair I expand and contract my abs until I can’t anymore. I would say this is just another festive way to workout. Festive? It is so much fun!


Toe Raises

As a runner I have some major calf-strengthening to do. When I’m sitting down or standing up all I have to do in order to make my calves stronger is place most of my body weight on the balls of me feet, or tippy toes. Simple, easy, and sweat free.



My final way to workout on the go is through a hipflexor workout. Many times I’m forced to sit for hours. I like to take an elastic workout band, or just something that has resistance, place it around my thighs, and then open and close my legs until they get tired. Not only does this workout help to strengthen the hip-flexor, it also helps to add curves.

I know that I love to workout, but I also know that I don’t always have time for it unless I’m training. These 9 mini workouts help me to stay in shape even when I feel as if I don’t have enough time. Have you ever tried working out on the go? If you have, what are some of the mini workouts you do?

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