7 Ways to Slim down ⚖️ Your Shopping Cart 🛒 for Girls on a Diet 🍉🍆 ...


If you want to slim down your shopping cart and make healthy food choices, you need to navigate the grocery store with a plan. Avoid certain aisles to avoid temptation like the candy aisle. Stay away from the ready meal frozen food section and any other area that can lead you astray. Have a shopping list to guide you in making the healthiest of choices. And make sure you include plenty of greens veggies, fruit, whole grains, and any other health items that are on your list. To slim down your shopping cart, choose foods that nourish you and follow these tips to help you on your journey to adopting a healthier lifestyle.

1. Bulk up with Your Salads

At least a quarter of my shopping cart is usually taken up by salads. Romaine lettuce, kale, spinach, spring mix and whatever other salad ingredients found in the produce section find a home in my cart. A random passerby would say to themselves that is a healthy cart there because I make all slimming choices that are good for my health! And you can too!

Now Add the Other Veggies
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