The Scale Isn't the Only Way to Measure Weight Loss Success ...


There’re several different ways to measure weight loss success without using scales. Maybe you don’t own a set of scales or you just aren’t interested in letting the number on the scales have importance in your life. There’re other ways to measure weight loss success. You don’t have to use a set of scales to find that out.

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The Comfort of Your Clothing

The comfort of your clothing can tell you how you’re doing with your weight loss. You’re very quick to notice when your clothing is too tight. Most likely, you’ll also notice when clothes fit more comfortably. You’ll be thrilled to notice your jeans zip a little easier and your favorite yoga pants don’t leave a mark from the band anymore. How your clothing fits is one of the ways to measure weight loss success.


Take Your Measurements

This is the most common way to know if you’re losing weight without using scales. Taking your measurements will give you an accurate picture of your size. It can even be a bit more telling than weighing yourself. It helps you realize the size you really are. Take your measurements every few weeks during your weight loss efforts to keep track of your progress.


Look at Your Face

For many people, your face is one of the first places to show weight loss. Observing how full your face is can tell you how your weight loss efforts are going. Are you starting to see a bit more definition to your features? Do you still feel like your cheeks are full? Most people can gauge their weight loss pretty well just by looking at their face.


The Fit of Your Bra

Your breasts are the other area of your body that will probably show weight loss quickly. You might notice that your bra isn’t fitting you the way it did before you started your weight loss efforts. It may be loose all over or there may be empty space in the cups. These are signs it’s probably time to go bra shopping. This is also a nice little reward along the way for your weight loss efforts.


Observe Your Workout Results

If you’re working out, that will give you another way to measure your weight loss success. Observe your body. Are your calves more toned than they were before? Can you tell that your core is getting stronger? While muscle does weigh more than fat, you’re still burning calories when you work out, which will lead to weight loss success.



When you’re losing weight, you’re going to know it. You’ll be confident about your body in ways that you may not have been before. You won’t feel like you need to hide behind your clothing. In fact, you may even choose some styles of clothing that you previously avoided. Confidence can give you the boost you needed to try new styles.



Lastly, you know you’re having weight loss success when you start receiving compliments. People are noticing your weight loss. They may even ask how you did it so they can try your strategy for themselves. Compliments and having your weight loss noticed are more rewarding than seeing a certain number on the scale. Compliments are also motivating to help you keep up your efforts.

How do you measure your weight loss success? Do you use a scale or look for other ways to measure it? I’d love to read your comments!

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Yes !!!!!

I weigh and measure myself everyday.

I used scale. Any kilo was lost. I was disappointed. But other people said I became slimmer. And I can wear what I used to avoid. For me, your article really encourage me doing workout. Thanks.

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