7 Thoughts That Sabotage Your Weight Loss Efforts ...


7 Thoughts That Sabotage Your Weight Loss Efforts ...
7 Thoughts That Sabotage Your Weight Loss Efforts ...

Are you aware there are thoughts that can sabotage your weight loss efforts? It’s important to keep your thoughts centered on success and believing in yourself. The thoughts listed in this article are ones that you want to be on the lookout for. If you feel sabotaging thoughts starting to creep in, make a decision to encourage yourself instead.

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I’ve Failed so Many Times

Of all the thoughts that sabotage weight loss, this one may be the most powerful. Maybe you’ve tried to lose weight many times before and never succeeded. You can feel very defeated if you let yourself dwell on this thought. So make the choice not to do that. You may have failed before but today is a brand new day and if you’re determined to lose weight, you will.


One Treat Won’t Hurt

This is a lie you may be telling yourself. It’s true that one treat won’t really hurt, but do you have the ability to stop at one? Sometimes it’s too easy for one treat to turn into more. You know yourself. If you don’t have the ability to stop at just one then it may be better to have none at all.


I’ve Already Ruined Today

This is a thought that I’ll admit I’ve had when trying to lose weight. Maybe you ate way too many calories when you went out to lunch with the girls or you had a slice of pie that you don’t even want to know the calorie count for. It doesn’t mean you should continue eating badly the rest of the day. Yes, you could start tomorrow but you could also start right now. One bad choice does not have to equal an entire ruined day.


I’ve Been Overweight Too Long

This is another thought that can sabotage your weight loss efforts if you let it. Maybe you’ve been overweight a long time, maybe even your whole life. It doesn’t mean you can’t lose the weight or that your body’s not capable of change. If you change your eating habits and begin to exercise, you’ll see results. It’s that simple.


This is My Last Pig-out Session

This thought is dangerous territory, ladies. While some people can get refocused when they want to, others struggle. Every time temptation comes they tell themselves that this is the last time they give in. If this describes you then you know what I’m talking about. You have really good intentions until that batch of cookies or birthday cake appears at the office. You can choose to say no instead.


I Feel Guilty Taking Time to Work out

Don’t even let this one enter your mind. It’s a thought that often plagues moms. You feel like taking time out to exercise is selfish and takes time away from your child. It isn’t selfish and it’s good for you to get a break. Taking care of yourself and exercising regularly will help you to be both a healthier and happier mom. Never allow yourself to feel guilty over taking time to exercise, whether you’re a mom or not.


Losing Weight is Too Expensive

Yes, it’s true; it can be a bit more expensive to buy fresh produce and other healthy food choices than it is to buy junk. But if you don’t take care of yourself, your health will suffer and that’s going to cost you more both financially and personally. There are things you can do to save on healthy food choices. Shop sales and use coupons. And you don’t have to join an expensive gym; you can exercise at home or go for a run in your neighborhood.

What about you? Have you had any of these thoughts that sabotage weight loss? How do you deal with them?

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The 'I've already been bad today' one is an absolute killer

Yes I often have many of the thoughts mentioned. It is more expensive to buy healthy nutritious food. I haven't started yet this year because of this or that family responsibility but I plan to get started in the next week or so.

Losing weight definitely isn't hard!! People over complicate it with 'diet' drinks, foods and snacks. All you need to do is make a nice sandwich for lunch instead of buying a meat pie!! Or grabbing an apple instead of a chocolate bar. Losing weight isn't hard or time consuming.... Btw this list is spot on!!

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