7 Ways to Make Drinking Water Easy ...


I love water, but I know some people have a very difficult time drinking even a single glass of water during the day. My husband is one of these people. He would much rather see water confined to the shower than in a glass sitting next to him. A few of the 7 ways to make drinking water easy are ones I’ve gotten my husband to use. Water is necessary for keeping your body functioning properly, so do what you can to get the minimal amount of 64 ounces each day!

7. Get a ‘drinking’ Buddy

Do you have a friend who is a big health nut and will help you to consume your daily dose of water? When I was a kayaking instructor, I had a few trips which consisted of groups of kids. We would take a break each hour, raise our water bottles and say ‘Cheers!’ to each other before taking a sip. This little method kept the kids excited about taking a drink of water, since they thought it was funny to toast one another before taking a sip.

Set a Timer
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