9 Best Energy Drinks ...


9 Best Energy Drinks ...
9 Best Energy Drinks ...

Energy drinks aren’t just for extreme sports adrenaline junkies and all-nighter college students. They’re now made to cater to tired, overworked moms and office drones, and even active senior citizens. (I wonder how close we are to a prune-enhanced energy drink.) If you’re a fashionistas in need of an immediate boost, I can help! I’ve tried loads of energy drinks, so I know which work. Here are the 9 best energy drinks.

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5 Hour Energy Shots

5 Hour Energy Shots Price: $24.99 at soap.com
You’ve seen the commercials, but can you believe the hype? Can this energy drink really give you a burst of much-needed pep without the inevitable crash? I’ve tried it, and the hype is true. It tastes funny, but it really works, and because it’s a shot, rather than a 16-ounce drink, it doesn’t leave you feeling bloated, either. Bonus!


Red Bull Energy Drink

Red Bull Energy Drink Price: $48.44 at amazon.com
This was the first energy drink I ever tried, and man, did it kick my butt! The TV and radio commercial say it gives you wings, but it gave me heart palpitations for hours. But did it give me energy? Yes. Yes it did.


Rockstar Energy Drink

Rockstar Energy Drink Price: $44.99 at amazon.com
I never really thought of rock stars as energetic, but then I saw Brian Setzer perform live, and indeed, my opinion has changed. This energy drink is aptly named, then, and it delivers on its promise. This zero-carb version is enhanced with a high-power blend of potent herbal blends of guarana, ginkgo, ginseng and milk thistle to give you a few hours of energy whenever you need it most: at the concert, on tour, hounded by groupies, you name it.


Monster Absolutely Zero Energy Drink

Monster Absolutely Zero Energy Drink Price: $56.99 at amazon.com
Here’s another zero-carb energy drink (for those carb-conscious adrenaline junkies out there). The flavor is actually pretty good, too. I like that it’s carbonated, too, almost like a soda, although not at all like a soda.


Red Rain Energy Shot, Extra Strength, Berry Flavor

Red Rain Energy Shot, Extra Strength, Berry Flavor Price: $14.00 at amazon.com
Sometimes an energy shot is just the thing, rather than a full-blown full-can of energy drink. And, yay, 5 Hour Energy isn’t the only option! This energy shot is divine, one of my all-time faves, with a completely non-realistic but still tasty berry flavor.


Celsius Calorie Burner Green Tea

Celsius Calorie Burner Green Tea Price: $4.47 at soap.com
Add a can of this green tea (minus the usual sugar, artificial preservatives, high fructose corn syrup, and aspartame) to your workout, and studies have shown you’ll actually burn more calories and fat, and you’ll have more energy. Wow.


Twinlab Pure Fuel Energy Drink

Twinlab Pure Fuel Energy Drink Price: $6.18 at soap.com
Here’s another energy drink formulated for hard-core athletes (though even sissies like me can enjoy it, too). It provides a burst of energy to help you make it through a tough workout (even if all your workouts are tough).


SUPER C Energy Formula Drink Mix

SUPER C Energy Formula Drink Mix Price: $13.95 at soap.com
Want an energy drink but not the hassle of carrying a carbonated beverage with you on a run or bike? Then simply add this special blend of B vitamins, natural caffeine from green tea, panax ginseng, and amino acids to a 16-ounce bottle of plain water, shake well, and enjoy.


Bawls Guarana – Cherry

Bawls Guarana – Cherry Price: $17.95 at amazon.com
I freely admit that I tried this energy drink for the first time simply because of its name. This is my favorite flavor, and though it really does work, providing a boost of caffeinated energy, I especially like all the stares when I carry the can.

While this is just a handful of the energy drinks out there, these are the ones I’ve tried that I like best. They all provide a burst of energy, and they taste good, too! Which of these energy drinks do you like best, and why? Do tell!

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I usually drink Xs Energy. It has 0 sugar and carbs and only about 8 calories. It's super good and has a lot of different flavors.

Poison in a can

Just to say on the tennis court I survived on Lucozade and Game;) so they are very good too.

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