3 Tips 📝 to Have a Successful 👏 Date 💑 when You're Dieting 🍽 ...


Looking for tips to have a successful date when you're dieting?

As if dating isn’t difficult enough already, you have to throw being on a diet into the mix. Losing weight is hard to do and the pressures of dating just ramp up the stress. We know that dating and dieting are not great bedfellows. But can we make them coexist? Yes, of course! You will most likely feel even more vulnerable as an overweight singleton, but don’t let that stop you having fun, nor allow it to diminish your potential of meeting “The One”. Many first dates involve dinner or an activity that includes food. However, with the right approach, you can still enjoy a successful first dinner date when you’re trying to lose weight. Here’s how to date when you're dieting.

1. Don’t Put Yourself down

So what does it matter if you’re not at your perfect weight? Who is perfect? But, it’s not easy to be confident on a date, even if you’re happy with who you are. And one of the rules of dating when you’re not confident (in any aspect, not just weight) is to fake it till you make it. You need to present yourself confidently, even when you’re not feeling it. Remember, you are meeting someone who wants to meet you. If you have already met or already know your date, he already knows what you look like. If you’re meeting an online date for the first time, as long as you were honest with your profile pictures, he too, has already seen you. He's seen you. He wants to date you! Part of being confident is being happy. Wear clothes that emphasise your best features, but you still feel comfortable in. Feel good about your makeup and stand tall. Wear a smile, be sleek and fabulous, and be proud. This is one of the best answers for how to date when you're dieting.

Don’t Talk about Weight during the Date
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