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How to Avoid Breaking Your Diet at a Party for Girls Trying to Lose Weight ...

By Leiann

Wondering how to avoid breaking your diet at a party?

Picture this: you're at a party and think that you might starve so you take at least one of everything. It's so tempting to eat all that food you never get to have unless you're at a party. But a celebration can really quickly ruin your health goals, especially if you're trying to lose weight. Next time you're headed to a fiesta, here's how to avoid breaking your diet at a party.

1 Keep a Calorie-free Drink in Your Hand

This will keep your hands busy cradling something instead of grabbing for food. A drink in one hand is a great answer to how to avoid breaking your diet at a party.

2 Bring a Deck of Cards

This is sure to be fun and interesting! Who said Poker is just for men?


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3 Offer to Bring a Dish

Make it healthy and only consume it, rather than anything else. Take a dish such as grilled chicken salad or veggies and hummus.

4 If There is a Band or DJ, Enjoy the Music

Either dance or simply listen to the music and watch other people dance. This should distract you from the buffet table!

5 Don't Hide in the Corner

Chat while chewing a piece of gum. That's a great way to keep your mouth busy!

6 Use a Big Plate One Time

This should definitely satisfy your hunger for the night. A small will only tempt you into rounds 2, 3 and beyond. Fill up a regular plate once, then be done.

7 Casually Go outside or Anywhere Away from the Food

Temptation is lessened if you aren't standing by the buffet table.

8 Graciously Say No to the Pushy Hostess

Put your napkin on your plate to indicate that you're done.

9 Plan Ahead

Team up with your health conscious friends to be there for one another. They say safety in numbers, right? Mingle, but know they are there for you if you need them to keep you from eating another pound of hot wings.

10 Wear Something Form Fitting

Tell yourself it is either too expensive to get stains on or you will pop a button if you eat too much.

Keep these ideas in mind for your next invitation. You will have a blast at the party and not starve! Go ahead...clean your plate!

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