7 Tips for Running with a Stroller ...


Many new mothers find they have some pregnancy pounds to lose postpartum and little time without baby to get in their exercise, which is where my tips for running with a stroller come in handy! Just because you are now a mom does not mean it is time to hand over your fit figure and put on "mom clothes" forever. You can reclaim your pre-pregnancy body, become healthier, and still be with your baby while doing so. As a certified trainer and mother of three, believe me, I am no stranger to running with a stroller! I have spent countless miles and hours running with my three children in a stroller. So now let me tell you how you can begin running with your children to lose those pregnancy pounds, get healthier and have fun with baby while doing so! Here are 7 tips for running with a stroller... maybe they ought to call it a "runner" rather than a "stroller," huh?

1. Make Sure Your MD is on Board

Before you begin running make sure you have the clearance from your doctor at your postpartum visit. Once you receive this clearance you can carry on, and finish reading my tips for running with a stroller!

Make Sure Baby is Old Enough
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