7 Tips on How to Start Running ...


7 Tips on How to Start Running ...
7 Tips on How to Start Running ...

Are you looking for tips on how to start running, because you are new to the sport and do not know how to begin? Then look no further because as a longtime runner having run thousands of miles, I have some great beginner strategies to help you ease into the sport. Running is a great sport that just happens to burn a ridiculous amount of calories and it is also great for your mental well being! These tips on how to start running will make it so much easier for you to begin.

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Make a List

The most important tip on how to start running is to list out why you are beginning this new sport. If this is to lose weight then your goals are different than a runner that is just running for mental and overall health. This is the one of the best tips on how to start running. If you have a day when you are not motivated, just look back to this list and get rejuvenated!


Invest in a Good Pair of Running Shoes

Visit a local running store and have a specialist fit you for the right pair of running shoes. The specialist will fit you for shoes based on whether your arch is high or low and how you wear your current shoes. Being fitted is an important tip on how to start running that can help prevent an injury!


Warm up before Your Run

A good warm up can be 3-5 minutes dynamic stretching consisting of jumping jacks and legs lifts or just a light walk. By warming up your muscles you will decrease the risk of injury and also feel less tight on your run.


Run with Proper Form

Begin running with your arms at your side. Relax your shoulders and maintain a good posture. Land softly with a heel-toe strike so there is less impact on your joints. Take a deep breath and relax because running is fun, especially when you see your reflection of perfect form as you run by a store front!


Just Breathe

There are so many programs that focus on breathing a certain way when running but I say do what works for you. I prefer to breathe in through my nose and exhale out through my mouth. But find what you feel most comfortable with and stick with it. And if you are tiring out at the end of a run take one deep breath, hold this for a second and let out a large exhale. Relax and just breathe. This great technique to eliminate stress will also help you to run more easily!


Map out Your Training Plan

There are many walk to run training programs out there but the best program to start with is basic which is to alternate walking for several minutes then run for several minutes for 30 minutes to 1 hour. Gradually eliminate the walk breaks when you feel ready. This training will help you to ease into running and build up your endurance!


Have Fun

After all, whatever your motivating factor to begin running is in order to make this a lifelong sport you have to have fun. If bringing along your favorite playlist to listen to while you run will keep you going, just do it! Or if running in a group will help you, bring all your friends. Discover how much fun it is to be healthy and have a great run!

I hope to see you out on the roads. I will smile and say hello and maybe even run a mile or two with you. Will you bring a friend as you use these tips on how to start running? Or will you be coasting along solo?

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I'm a beginner. This can help so much. Thanks!

I don't think #4 is true

Thanks for this

This is awesome .,. Thanks

Haha when you said running was fun I had to laugh . I just started track and so this really helped me for when school gets out and what I can to to motivate myself to run this summer. THANKS!

#4 WRONG!!!! Never, ever run heel toe style! Your heel is not meant to take the impact running gives it! Land on the balls of your feet SOFTLY and roll threw your toes. Which is called mid strike.

Great article

#4--you are actually supposed to land in the middle of your foot and roll to the toe. Loved the article :)

Don't forget a good bra....x

Thank you for this. I always plan to go for a run but then i always ending up sleeping ahahaha thanks again

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