8 Things That Cause Stomach Fat ...


Eating right and exercising regularly are the main two components of maintaining a healthy weight. However, there are subcategories which fall under these two general headings. The following list includes 8 things that cause stomach fat and these could easily be lumped under either ‘exercise’ or ‘eating’. I thought I’d elaborate a bit and provide more information as to how these things actually cause fat to accumulate around your middle.

8. Drinking Excessive Amounts of Alcohol

Consuming alcohol in small quantities is supposed to be good for you. Studies show how drinking in small amounts can lower a person’s blood pressure, as well as additional health benefits. However, as with most things, it is easy to overdo it. Alcohol in excess can actually cause people to gain weight, especially beer with a high number of calories. Most people know this is where beer guts come from.

Consuming Fried Foods
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