6 Surprising 😱 Reasons Why 🤔 You Failed 👎 at Your Last Weight Loss ⚖️ Attempt ...


You have made every effort to lose weight…

You have religiously followed every piece of advice available, online and everywhere else.

Yes, you have keenly observed and followed every single guide step by step.

They said that if you follow the “fool-proof” steps, you would lose weight in 3, 7, 10 days or some few weeks. You did your best; even exceeded what was suggested in the guidelines, hoping that your commitment would be paid by a faster achievement of your goals.


With high expectations, you stepped on that machine. Only to realize, you had not lost a single pound!

What went wrong? What are these surprising reasons why you failed at your last weight loss attempt?

One of the most common complaints by individuals seeking to live a healthier life is weight loss resistance.

Here’s the kicker…

1. Lack of Proper Motivation

Not just motivation, but intrinsic motivation. Something that makes your weight loss project a do or die. Something you are deeply passionate about.

Many people get into a weight loss program for the sake of it. This works for a while, then the motivation dies off.

You must find a serious motivator, for instance, a desire to steer clear of lifestyle diseases and live a long, healthy life or attain a certain size for a function such as your wedding.

This is a mixture of long-term and short-term goals, but they work equally well for their particular purposes.

The bottom line here is, get an internal reason that pushes you to achieve that goal.

Setting Unachievable Goals
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