7 Super Tips to Get Rid of a Muffin Top ...

Looking for tips to get rid of a muffin top? Well first off, let’s look at what a muffin top is? The name muffin top sounds really cute and juvenile but when it is on your body it is anything but cute. A muffin top in the fat that hangs over the waistline of your pants or skirt spilling over, like the top of a muffin. There are many things that create a muffin top like not wearing the correct clothing size, excessive fat, or loose skin. If you are okay with your muffin top, good for you, but I personally cannot stand if I ever have a muffin top. It makes me feel uncomfortable so let me share with you my helpful tips to get rid of a muffin top:

1. Wear the Right Size

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If you are thin and you have little body fat, you could be wearing a size too small or jeans that are too low that can cause you to appear to have more fat on your stomach. So make sure you are not wearing any clothing that leaves an indentation in your body. Comfort is key and make sure what you wear is body skimming rather than suffocating. Wearing the right size tops my tips to get rid of a muffin top.

2. Make Sure to Get Your Cardio in

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To lower your fat stores and eliminate excess fat around your waistline, make sure you are doing a cardio workout for at least 40 minutes for 3-5 days a week. A cardio workout can be jogging, power walking, cycling, swimming or anything else that gets your heart rate up.

3. Consume or Eliminate Toxins

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If you consume toxins such as caffeine, alcohol, sugar, processed foods or excessive animal products, your body will respond by retaining water and with bloating around your waistline. This is a survival mechanism of our body responding by bloating with water around our organs to keep toxins away. Get rid of your muffin top by eliminating toxins altogether!

4. Eat Less Sugar

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I would love to say eliminate sugar but not all sugar is bad for you. Refined or processed sugar is unhealthy and will cause bloating around your waistline. But natural sugar found in fruits is healthy and will also help you in disease prevention. So avoid the refined sugar and keep it simple and natural to get rid of your muffin top!

5. Lower Your Stress

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The hormone, cortisol is released in the body in response to stress. If we use this energy then the fat will not be stored but if it is not used, it will become the dreaded muffin top. So lower your stress by taking a deep breath and relaxing. Curl up with your favorite book, a cup of tea and enjoy peaceful time each night. A little relaxation goes a long way!

6. Stand up Straight

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By standing up taller and having strong posture you will strengthen your core and create a corset like effect for your muscles to stay engaged. If you stand tall you will look up to 10 pounds leaner. Yoga can help but it is more important to stand or sit tall with strong posture.

7. Tighten Your Abs

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I tense and tighten my abdominal muscles throughout the day and it makes a big difference. After 3 kids I have a six pack and I can hardly believe it. The cardio and diet are big contributors but engaged abdominal muscle exercises throughout the day amplify results. So tighten your core for 15 seconds 5 times a day for extra results. Also make sure you perform the plank exercise several times a week.

Hope my tips help you to get rid of your muffin top, stand tall with confidence and feel great about your lean, beautiful stomach! Are you ready to get rid of your muffin top for good?

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