7 Shocking Diet Secrets ...


7 Shocking Diet Secrets ...
7 Shocking Diet Secrets ...

If it seems like you’ve been trying to lose weight forever, but you’re not having much success, then perhaps someone needs to let you in on a few pointers that go against traditional diet thinking… it’s time someone tells you a few shocking diet secrets! Look over your shoulder to make sure no one’s sneaking a peek behind you, and I’ll share my shocking diet secrets with you… shh…

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Diet Soda Will Make You GAIN Weight!

This is truly one of the most shocking diet secrets I’ve ever heard. According to research by The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio, people who drink diet soda are actually more likely to GAIN weight, than dieters who don’t. Isn’t that crazy? Diet soda is marketed as a smart choice for dieters, but it’s been proven to sabotage your diet, which makes you diet longer, which means you buy more diet soda… hmm… could this be a conspiracy by diet soda makers to get you to keep buying diet soda? Unless some whistle-blower comes out with a secret company email, we’ll never know. Either way, avoid diet soda as much as you avoid regular soda, and you’re much more likely to lose weight.


Carbs Are GOOD for You!

Poor carbs. They get such a bad rap. But here’s another little secret: some of them are actually GOOD for you, especially when you’re dieting. Fiber is a carb, one that helps keep your digestive system healthy. Fiber also keeps you feeling fuller, longer, so it’s a dieter’s friend for sure! So yes, skip the “bad” carbs from refined flour goods, but feel free to include carbs from wholesome whole grains.


Eating More Often Will Help You LOSE Weight!

Though we know it can be harmful, some of us will try to lose weight by simply skipping meals, but did you know skipping meals may hurt your diet, not help it? Scientists recommend eating 5 small meals a day, rather than 2 or 3 large ones for several reasons. First, eating small, frequent meals will keep you from feeling hungry, which means you’re a lot less likely to gorge yourself when you do eat a meal. Second, these small meals eaten throughout the day will keep your metabolism kicking in high gear, which helps you burn more calories, more efficiently.


You CAN Indulge!

Whoever said “diet” has to be synonymous with “deprivation”? It’s not true! You can diet to lose weight and still enjoy the foods you love. Like everything else in the world, it’s about moderation. No, you can’t have an entire cheesecake, every day, but you can have a small slice once a week. Craving pizza? Go ahead and have one slice, not half the pie, and make it yourself, with loads of fresh veggies, rather than ordering from the Joe Greasy’s Pizza place.


Exercise Doesn’t Have to Be HARD!

We’ve all heard the expression “no pain, no gain,” but in terms of exercise, this isn’t always true — in fact, if your work out leaves you immobile for days after, you risk injury, so scale it back a bit! Exercise doesn’t have to be painful or difficult; it just has to make your heart thump and your breath short. If you can sing out loud while you’re on the elliptical, you need to kick it up. If you’re sweaty and panting when you’re done with the half-hour, good on you! That’s the way to do it!


You Can Work out without the Gym!

I haven’t been to the gym in, literally, years. I work out almost every day, though, and I’m very fit. What’s the secret, you ask? I run. I do exercises at home, too. If you loathe the gym, or just can’t afford the pricey membership fees, work out at home, instead. Make your own workout on the cheap! Run, jog, walk. Rent DVDs from the library.


Don’t Trust the SCALE!

I don’t know why we torture ourselves with the scale. That number is so misleading, especially when you’re first dieting and working out. As you lose fat, it’s replaced with lean muscle, so your number on that scale won’t move much. Also, scales are notoriously inconsistent — the scale at the doctor’s office will vary from the one at the gym, from the one at home, from the one at your bestie’s house. A better way to track your progress is by how your clothes fit. If they’re loose, you’re losing weight!

Now that you’ve read all these sneaky diet secrets, do you feel slightly cheated, like you’d have had more diet success if you’d know these things all along? I know I was mad about the diet soda thing, and I want my years of gym membership fees back! Do you have any other shocking diet secrets to share? It’s only fair since I’ve told you mine… *wink

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drink 2 glasses of water when you wake up in the morning. The water should not be cold also climb the stairs for 15 minutes daily.you'll lose weight within weeks :)

Thank now I understand how to lose weight fast!

The soda tip is definitely a good one. The artificial sweeteners in diet soda interfere with your metabolism, like all of that sugar in regular soda. Soda can also clean toilets and pipes and kill bugs. Eek!

The reason diet soda causes you to gain weight usually is due to the fact the aspartame blocks the release if serotonin from your brain to the nerves in your stomach. This causes you to not feel full when you are actually full! :) (I'm a diet soda addict so I just keep this in mind and try not to drink diet soda with meals and what not)

One great tip is to workout with an empty tummy. It makes you burn stubborn calories fast. And also, you can download an app called Nike Training Club for iPhone and Android. Jogging is the best workout I'm telling you. :)

Awesome advice! I also never work out at the gym, but prefer to run or do fitness DVDs at home.

I've found that it helps to drink lots and lots and lots of water.

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