7 Surprising Weight Loss Myths ...


7 Surprising Weight Loss Myths ...
7 Surprising Weight Loss Myths ...

There are so many weight loss myths that as a trainer, I hear clients asking about on a daily basis. So many clients are afraid to lift weights, increase protein, or do certain body-weight exercises because of a fear of gaining unattractive muscle mass and gaining weight, when in reality you will actually lose weight and see better results if you do these exercises. There are many fad diets that have created uncertainty and confusion for many. So what is the correct food plan you should follow to lose weight? As a trainer for thousands of health and fitness lovers, let me share with you weight loss myths and what will help you to achieve results!

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Lifting Weights Make You Bulk up and Gain Weight

This is the first of my weight loss myths because so many of my clients are afraid of this, but it cannot be farther from the truth. I lift light weights myself and I lift my body-weight on a daily basis when I squat down to pick something up. Weight training helps you build muscle so you will burn more calories at rest, so weight lifting can actually help you to lose weight.


Eating Less Will Help You to Lose Weight

This myth could not be further from the truth because when you skip meals you do one of two things: you will end up eating unhealthy food because you are starving, or you will slow down your metabolism. Eat frequent mini meals and you will rev your metabolic rate.


Fat Free Food Means I Can Eat This and Not Gain Weight

Unfortunately "fat free" can be misleading because most fat free food is sugar laden and can actually make you gain weight. Most fat free food is higher in sugar than its regular version so make sure you read the nutrition label and you make the educated and healthier choice.


Since I Exercise I Can Eat Anything I Want and Still Lose Weight

This myth is far from the truth, but unfortunately so many exercisers follow this philosophy, and for this reason they do not lose weight. You still need to be conscious and eat healthy, making sure you burn more calories than you take in, so you lose weight. Weight loss is a simple equation of calories in and calories out so make sure you eat healthy!


Weight Loss Products Are Safe

There is an endless supply of weight loss products on the market that are unhealthy. Many of these products can cause permanent damage on your health and metabolism. The best way to lose weight is a combination of a healthy balanced food plan and exercise.


Exercising in the Morning Will Burn More Fat

It does not matter what time you exercise as long as you do it 4-6 days a week to burn ample calories and get into a regular routine. Studies show that people that exercise the same time each day lose weight and are more likely to keep it off, because it becomes a healthy habit and part of their routine.


Diets Are the Best Way to Lose Weight

Dieting is not the best way to lose weight if you are restricting yourself. In fact, ultra restrictive or fad dieters usually end up regaining their weight. So do not follow the trends, but make healthy modifications to your eating, so you will take on a healthier lifestyle rather than trying a fleeting trend.

These are the weight loss myths that I battle most often and now you know the surprising truth. Have these myths help you to better your weight loss journey?

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Eating after a certain time will make you gain weight, is also a myth. Some people work nights, their day starts at night. If you have a normal schedule, of course you don't want to eat a huge meal & go to bed, but if you're excersising regularly, your metabolism is going high 24/7.eatinga light snack at night is not going to hurt you

This article was really helpful I used to believe in some of the myths and I'm totally gonna forget about their existence !!!

I don't know about everyone else but I do get bulky from lifting 5 lb dumb bells in addition to running on a track. as a result, I don't lift weights anymore. Running on a track tones my arms slightly (from pumping my arms) giving me biceps, but without making me bulky. Might just be my genetic makeup that makes me bulky from lifting light weights???

Love working out makes me feel so much better all around and I do look at food differently now like if I eat this how much harder am I going to have to work out to get to the next step

I love lifting weights and it really helps keep weight off!

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