7 Reasons You're Not Losing Belly Fat and How to Combat This ...


Want to know the reasons you’re not losing belly fat? You exercise regularly and eat healthy but you still cannot lose your abdominal fat. With all your focus on losing, you feel like you just can’t get ahead. So how do you combat this daily battle of the bulge? For one, you need to make sure you eat a balanced diet that includes veggies, fruits and lean proteins. And what else? As a personal trainer for over a decade, I help people to overcome this issue regularly and now I am here to help you. Here are the reasons you’re not losing belly fat and how to combat this!

1. Eating Too Much at Night

Your late night craving for popcorn turns into an all-out feast. You wake up the next day feeling bloated, uncomfortable and anything but lean. Could your late night eating be one of the reasons you’re not losing belly fat? Absolutely! If you are overeating at night, your body will not have time to burn this off. So have some veggies late at night and get to bed early to avoid overeating. Your abs will thank you the next day with results!

Not Lifting Weights
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