7 Reasons You Should Cut out Sugar ...


There are endless reasons you should cut out sugar for both weight loss and health reasons. Eating too much refined sugar can have a detrimental effect on your health. Sugar provides empty calories, which means it is composed of calories without any nutritional value. This is definitely not good for weight loss for this reason. Additionally eating sugar can actually make you crave more calories since it lacks any vitamins and nutrients. Here are 7 reasons you should cut out sugar.

1. Too Much Sugar Consumption Causes Weight Gain

According to research from the World Health Organization consuming too much refined sugar causes weight gain. Eating refined sugar does nothing more than fill your body with empty calories so why not skip the sugar? These calories will do nothing more than thicken your waist line and deteriorate your health. This tops the reasons you should cut out sugar. Opt for natural sugar found in fruit.

Sugar is Addicting
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