7 Reasons You May Be Putting on Weight without Even Realizing It ...


7 Reasons You May Be Putting on Weight without Even Realizing It ...
7 Reasons You May Be Putting on Weight without Even Realizing It ...

There are many reasons you may be putting on weight without even realizing it or that the weight may be creeping on unawares, but if you're conscious of the possible causes, you're more likely to be able to do something about it. As we get older, the body changes and our lifestyle can sometimes change in ways that we may not realize will have an impact on our bodies. So here are some of the reasons you may be putting on weight and how to address the issues.

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Hormone Changes

Hormone changes is one of the reasons the weight may be creeping on without you realizing. For example, unexpected weight gain can sometimes be related to your thyroid hormones, which play a role in regulating our metabolism. There are other hormone imbalances which can lead to weight gain. According to Donna White, when your testosterone, cortisol, estrogen, progesterone or DHEA is out of kilter, it can lead to weight gain. If you have had no dietary or lifestyle changes and your weight gain seems to be unexplained, seek advice from your doctor, as it could be one of the reasons you may be putting on weight.



Age is another factor. One day, you might be slipping into those skinny jeans that used to fit you so snuggly for the past few years and suddenly that zip is not budging. Look at your diet and daily routine. You will find that the amount you could eat a few years ago is not the amount you can get away with as you've got older. Your metabolism changes as you age, slowing down and meaning that you need to eat less or exercise more if you want to continue eating the same amount you were able to get away with before.


Boredom Eating

Boredom eating is another reason the weight creeps on unawares. You might be snacking at work or at home but either way, the weight can slowly creep on over time. If you're eating your normal meals and snacking mindlessly in between, this is undoubtedly going to lead to weight gain. Keep yourself busy by going for a walk or moving away from temptation. And if you fancy a snack, make sure that you have healthy snacks such as nuts and seeds at hand to stabilize your blood sugar and to keep you full until dinner or lunch time.


Mindless Eating

When you're eating, be mindful of what is going into your mouth and savor every mouthful. Avoid eating in front of the TV as your brain is less likely to recognise your 'full' status when you're concentrating on what is on the TV rather than what is going into your mouth. This also relates to snacking. If you know you have a tendency to snack, do a cupboard and drawer audit and throw out any temptations. This will make you less likely to fall into the mindless eating trap.


Keep on Movin' Don't Stop

Get out and about, as lack of exercise may be one of the reasons you're putting on weight. Maybe you have suffered an injury which has limited your mobility somewhat. This can be incredibly frustrating, especially if you're usually active. The problem is, if you're eating the same amount but not moving as much, the weight is going to creep on. Maybe you have just stopped moving as much as you used to for no reason other than the fact that the fire in your previously energetic routine has gone out. Rekindle those flickering embers of energy by starting off slowly with walking and building it up your routine.



Alcohol is incredibly calorific. Over time, if you're coming home and having a drink every evening or every couple of evenings a week, this can lead to weight gain and according to reports, the calorie content of alcohol is second only to fat. Try to limit your alcohol consumption or if you must, go for a low calorie wine. There are many on the market so that you can still indulge in a glass for a fraction of the calories. It doesn't mean you can have two bottles to compensate though!



Stress can cause weight gain. Whilst for some it can have the opposite effect and the weight can drop off, for others, stress can lead to piling on the pounds. When we feel threatened, a series of hormones are activated which induces the 'fight or flight' dilemma. Adrenaline and cortisol are released and whilst adrenaline can give you that energy you need, this can wear off quickly whilst the cortisol hangs around, increasing your appetite. High calorie foods can often act as the stressee's best friend and lead to weight gain in the long run, so try to keep your stress levels down by undertaking yoga and meditating.

These are a few things that can mean the weight can creep on without you even knowing. Has anyone been caught in the weight-creeping-on trap and managed to set themselves free?

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Stress is really bad, my boyfriend's one of those people atm :( but he's doing okay, losing a bit each week is a start :) he needs a career change, it's the job that makes the stress so bad :(

Great info

stress is sneaky but this is soo true and the thyroid fact hits home for more people than most would think

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