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7 Bad Habits That Can Affect Your Metabolism ...

By Tara

Did know there are certain bad habits that can affect your metabolism? Habits like drinking soda, stressing out, not drinking enough water, and even skipping meals can cause you to gain weight. So are you on the right track with the wrong habits or are you not even close to being on the right path? Well, either way, I will help to steer you to getting on the right path and share with you the bad habits that can affect your metabolism:

1 Drinking Soda

Whether you are drinking diet soda filled with all chemicals and artificial sugar or regular soda with all chemical and pure sugar, you are wreaking havoc on your metabolism. Soda is a processed drink that should be removed from or at least limited in your diet because it is just that bad for you. And the plus side is you will feel yourself less bloated and have more energy after just removing this toxin from your diet. Drinking soda is one of the habits that can affect your metabolism in a negative way, so eliminate this!

2 You Are Depriving Yourself of Sleep

Did you know that lack of sleep increases our cortisol levels which can promote weight gainer? Yes this is the truth, not enough sleep can cause the scale to rise. So what should you do if counting sheep is not putting you to sleep? Do not eat within three hours before bedtime and eliminate all caffeine so you can get to sleep restfully and achieve the goal of 7-9 hours’ sleep per night.

3 You Miss Meals

If you are skipping meals you will be famished at the next meal and eat more calories. You will also slow down your metabolism. And if you miss meals you will be less likely to make a healthy choice when you do eat. So make sure you eat healthy mini meals every 2-3 hours and never miss meals.

4 You Eat Processed Foods

Avoid processed foods. If your food is in a box and there are additives or ingredients you are not familiar with you should not be eating this. Processed foods are foods that should not be eaten full stop for the betterment of your health and your diet.

5 You Eat Food High in Fats

Because fat is difficult to digest, eating a diet high in fat can adversely affect your metabolism. Food high in fats slows down the digestive process because it is difficult to digest and the result is a slower metabolic rate.

6 You Are Dehydrated

People often confuse hunger for thirst and eat rather than having a glass of water first. Make sure you drink 8-10 glasses of water a day. And before your meal, have a glass of water so you can avoid eating when you are not really hungry.

7 You Are Stressed

Did you ever notice your bad eating habits are brought to the surface when you stress? Stress really does bring out the worst. You start munching on chips as soon as stress begins, when you are normally true to your healthy eating. Or you may even having a craving for ice-cream after an argument with a loved one? To combat this, keep a food journal to track eating and pinpoint food stressors and combat stress cravings.

Hope you are able to get rid of your bad habits that can be affecting your scale and make new healthy habits to shape a leaner future. So tell me, what are your bad habits that can be affecting your scale? And how will you combat this?

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