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Want to tackle a new fitness goal? How great it is to push yourself to try new things, work harder and give it all you got, especially when it pertains to fitness. And with each passing year, it is great to have something new to look forward to. Let’s face it, most of us set goals for the New Year and we often do not even review these goals until the next year. We spend more time on planning vacations and parties than we do reviewing our goals. Why? Most people fail to stay focused in fear of disappointment. But you should push yourself so that you can stay motivated and here are the reasons to tackle a new fitness goal:

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Beat Workout Boredom

If you tackle a new fitness goal like running a 5k, you will have something new to work for and look forward to. Through the process of training, you will get in better shape and feel a great sense of accomplishment. And you will not feel stuck in a rut with the same workouts.


Stay Motivated

To keep your energy level high and stay motivated, create a new fitness goal. Try something you never imagined trying or team up with a group of friends to bond over a fitness event. Through your training and the actual event, you will get in better shape and build new fitness memories!


Goals Breed Focus

One of the similarities of all successful people is focus, so get serious about your goals. This focus is present in all Olympic athletes. If you are able to set a new fitness goal and stay on track, you will accomplish extraordinary things. Sign up for a triathlon or mud race and get focused!


Create Your Life

Rather than being a passenger through your life, create your life. Get up and get working to achieve your fitness goals. Set a new goal, start training and choose healthy food to fuel these workouts. If you create your life, you can have a lifetime of health, happiness and success!


Live Proactively

By setting clear fitness goals, you can start to change your life and live proactively, instead of reactively. It is no fun to sit and watch life happen to you, I choose to make life happen. What about you?



Inspire your friends, family and co-workers to be all that they can be by trying a new fitness goal. Maybe you always wanted to try surfing or another fitness activity. So set a plan and get moving. Do you want to inspire others with your fitness motivation?



The measure of true success is setting out to achieve a goal and conquering it. Without fear, hesitation or delay, you can measure your success by choosing to make it happen. There is no sitting around and waiting for life to happen. Measure your life by making a change starting today. Are you ready to work hard to achieve new fitness goals?

With all of the reasons to tackle a new fitness goal, what are you waiting for? Whether it is a race, a new workout or a fit challenge, get going to achieve this goal! Wishing you great workouts, new fitness goals and fit fun!

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