7 Popular Dance Routines to Use for Cardio Exercises ...

Popular dance routines can get your heart pumping and your body in motion. There are several choreographies done at many parties and gatherings that you may not even know are great for exercising, especially cardio. The great thing about dance routines is that you can enjoy the social aspect of dancing among friends and family. At the same time, it helps you work out important areas on the body that you may not even be aware of at the time. So, here are seven popular dance routines that you may be familiar with already or could learn on your own leisure time to use for cardio exercises.

1. Electric Slide

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The β€œElectric Slide” is one those popular dance routines that everyone should know! The 1976 dance was originally done to Marcia Griffith's song β€œElectric Boogie.” It has become one of those timeless choreographies that break the ice at birthday parties or family reunions. The great thing about this dance is that it is extremely simple and fun. One move in particular - which involves bending over and slapping the ground - really works out your abdomen, back, and arms.

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