7 Great Reasons You Should Stay in Shape ...

There are so many reasons to stay in shape like, feeling better, achieving more in your life and improving your health. People that are in shape also tend to get more out of life. You will also have more confidence since you are taking time to focus on your health each day. Regular exercise will keep both your body and mind in shape since exercise is a natural mood booster. Have a healthy reason to smile because you are in shape, and find the positive out of each day because you will have a better outlook on life as a result of feeling good from being fit. Here are my 7 reasons to stay in shape.

1. Boost Your Confidence

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According to a recent study in the Journal of Health Psychology, people that had less confidence gained more confidence when they participated in a regular exercise routine. The mere fact that these people exercised boosted their confidence, not how well or how long they exercised. This is the first of my reasons to stay in shape.

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