7 Reasons to Cut out Soda ...


7 Reasons to Cut out Soda ...
7 Reasons to Cut out Soda ...

There are a number of reasons to cut out soda that can improve your health and your waistline. Studies show that drinking both regular and diet soda has been linked to obesity, along with a host of other health problems. By drinking water instead of soda you will improve your health and your energy levels, and feel great. Additionally, drinking water can aid your weight loss goals. Now let me share with you my top reasons to cut out soda...

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Drinking Soda Can Make You Gain Weight

Regular soda is loaded with sugar and calories so this will cause weight gain. And diet soda, although it says zero calories, is overly sweet, which makes you crave sweet food and often consume more calories. Being health conscious myself, this is at the top of my reasons to cut out soda. If you want six pack abs, then cut out the six pack of soda you have been drinking!


Soda Strips Your Tooth Enamel

Because of the high acid content, soda has been linked to stripping and wearing away tooth enamel. Want pearly white teeth? Then you may want to consider cutting out or at least drinking less soda. Dark soda has also been linked to staining your teeth. And dark stained teeth is not a good look or healthy for anyone! Get bright beautiful teeth and drink some water!


Drinking Soda Can Cause Cancer

Drinking regular soda has been linked to increasing your risk of pancreatic cancer. Researchers believe that the over consumption of sugar from drinking regular soda on a daily basis fuels cancer cell production. Whatever the reason, this is a serious motivator to give up or at least cut down on your soda!


Diet Soda Drinkers Have a Higher Risk of a Stroke

Having the habit of drinking soda on a daily basis has been linked to increasing your risk of stroke. So you want to reconsider the next time you purchase the twelve pack of soda on sale at your local grocer. Drinking the occasional soda is much different and has less adverse effects than making this part of your daily routine.


Soda Causes Bloating

The carbonation in soda causes bloating in your body, and can yield a 3-5 pound weight gain due to this water retention. Want to lose that weight? Just cut out the soda!


Drinking Soda Does Not Quench Your Thirst

Have you ever noticed after you drink soda you are still thirsty? That is because soda does not quench your thirst as water does. Often hunger is confused with thirst, so for dieters you really should be drinking to quench your thirst, so you will be satisfied and stick with eating a healthy meal plan.


Soda is Bad for Your Bones

The same chemicals in soda that are bad for your teeth can actually rob calcium from your bones. This can put you at risk for osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease in which the bones become fragile and lose density. If you do not have enough calcium in your diet or you body is robbed of this, your bones will become more fragile. If you are not planning on cutting out soda, doctors recommend that you should increase your calcium intake.

Now that you have read the numerous adverse affects drinking soda can have on your health and waistline it is up to you to make a choice. Will you give up soda or use this as the occasional treat when you go out?

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Wow I didn't know all of this, and have serious health issues! I don't drink soda everyday but I still will cut it out completely after this! Thanks for the information!

All very useful and valid reasons not to drink soda...but I find it extremely hard to just give up drinking or eating something that I like completely. It's like deciding to change your life...and joining a convent lol...

@Brianna that's been my experience too...after I cut out soda for a long time and then had one at a friend's house, it was sickeningly gross....you can learn to avoid it altogether...

Soda and cigarettes... Killing us softly everyday :(

I cut out soda & Now I haven't drank it in so long it doesn't even taste good anymore!

Thanx a Ton Tara fr the useful info. I luv ur write ups about wieght loss n health. Keep up the good work. Waiting fr ur next

Plus all the side effects of the artificial sweeteners . Very hard to stop drinking it though ... I'm down to one can of Coke Zero a day but have to have it even though I'm aware of the bad stuff

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