7 Reasons It's Okay to Have a Late Night Snack and Still Lose Weight ...


7 Reasons It's Okay to Have a Late Night Snack and Still Lose Weight ...
7 Reasons It's Okay to Have a Late Night Snack and Still Lose Weight ...

As a certified trainer and weight loss specialist helping countless lives, I am often questioned if it is okay to have the occasional late night snack. There is so much misinformation that it is hard to distinguish fact from fiction. It is not the late snack that kills weight loss but it is usually the quantity. Often people eat their late night snacks while watching a television show and they mindlessly eat several portion sizes. If you would like an occasional late night snack, just stick to a portion size and your waistline will not be affected. Here are 7 reasons it’s okay to have an occasional late night snack and still lose weight:

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Portion Size

If you stick to the proper portion size and your allocated calorie intake of 1200-1500 calories per day (based on the average woman), it is okay to have a half cup of blueberries or a 100 calorie portion of popcorn. If you are yearning for a snack, just stick to a proper portion size and your waist line will be just fine! A late night snack will not break you if you stick to this rule!


Out with Friends

If you are out with your friends it is much harder to stay on your healthy eating plan and not have a late night snack. So order the strawberries for a dessert or share a more indulgent dessert. If you stick to a portion size and have a taste rather than a larger amount, you will stay on track for weight loss!


Had an Extreme Workout

After an extreme workout of circuits or interval training you may find yourself hungrier than usual and this is totally normal. You can have a late night snack of a one or two egg omelet so you provide your body with protein to help repair your muscle fiber that has been broken down as a result of your workout! Research has shown that if you do not have sufficient protein after an intense workout, you will actually crave more food the next day.


Low on Caloric Intake for Day

The evening rolls around and you have only consumed 500 calories for the day, so is it okay to consume the remaining 1000 allowance at night? Absolutely not, because these excessive calories will lie on your stomach and keep you up at night. To rest well have a small snack or skip the snack and get to bed, sleepy head. You will be glad you did when you see the scale down the next morning! And in the future make sure to eat mini healthy meals throughout the day.



You find yourself famished and it is 8pm, so what should you do? Make yourself a small salad with plenty of veggies so you can provide yourself with some healthy nutrition you need. Chances are your body is craving nutrients and vitamins, so boost your immunity by providing your body with this power!


Going to Bed Later than Usual

If you are watching the final of The Bachelorette and you would love to pair this with some snacks, opt for healthy snacks. Make yourself a veggie tray and have a healthy, guilt free party!


Craving a Certain Snack

If you are craving a certain late snack, what should you do? If you deprive yourself of that pizza craving, studies show you may be hungrier the next day. Make an occasional healthy version of your late night craving. A small whole wheat wrap with a sprinkle of tomato sauce and cheese will not break the scale but the key is make this occasional. And make sure this portion size is no larger than the palm of your hand.

Hope you understand that the occasional late snacking will not break your weight loss plan; just make sure to make healthy choices, and always stick to portion control. Are you a late snacker? And if yes, what do you usually eat at night?

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I've added late night yoghurt with granola in an attempt to gain weight, 123.5 lbs on 5'10 is a little low. And I eat a lot. Lost the weight due to illness. 2 weeks later I'm at 124....

Agreed! 1200 calories is not enough for most people to even sustain basic bodily functions such as breathing, digestion, etc. add in daily activities and exercise and you have a serious calorie deficit. :(. That can kill your metabolism!!

Nice tips

Most healthy women need around 2000 calories a day, moderately active, to maintain their weight.

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