9 Minerals That Can Help You Lose Weight ...


Did you know there are some minerals that can help you lose weight? If you think weight loss is just about food, exercise and going fat-free, carb-free, etc., Iโ€™ve got news for you: itโ€™s not! Weight loss is a chemical reaction inside the body, plain and simple, just like weight gain is. I donโ€™t suggest that weight loss is necessary for everyone, however I do think that getting the right minerals into your diet to promote optimal health, is important. For this purpose, Iโ€™m going to share with you the top minerals that can help you lose weight, and might even help you with other issues.

1. Chromium

Chromium is one of the top minerals that can help you lose weight. It balances your blood sugar, and helps reduce how fast insulin levels rise and fall in the body. It also changes how the body stores carbohydrates, and influences how hungry you are. You can probably already see how this is important for weight loss, and also for diabetes patients. Chromium is found in foods like nuts, seeds, eggs, fish, lean poultry, cacao, and leafy greens, along with green vegetables. Eat plenty of chromium rich foods, or take a supplement. I like multivitamins that contain extra chromium for this purpose. Chromium picolinate is the most easily absorbed form, so look for that form when searching for supplements.

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