How to Eat Five Times a Day ...


If you want to give yourself the best chance at succeeding in your weight loss efforts, you need to improve your metabolic rate and consume less calories than you burn. Achieving these objectives involves two lifestyle aspects: diet and exercise. They are both equally important, and as far as diet goes, it is not just the quality that matters, but also how frequently you eat. You may have heard nutrition experts constantly talking about the need to eat more often than most of us usually do. Ideally, what you need in order to improve your metabolism is eat 5 moderate meals, spaced out at regular intervals during your day. Not easy, right? Well, I hope I can help with these tips on how to eat 5 times a day.

1. Discard the Guilt

If you are going to feel guilty about eating more often, believing that you will put on weight, you are stressing yourself out needlessly. Eating more frequently is not the same as overeating. Provided your meals are healthy, you will actually burn more calories by making your body digest food more often, and this will help you lose weight faster. So, free your mind of guilt. If you are targeting 1,800 calories a day, do it over 5 meals rather than 2.

Control Your Portions
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