8 Tips for Counting Calories ...


8 Tips for Counting Calories ...
8 Tips for Counting Calories ...

Any dieter can tell you: calories rule. Counting them, consuming them, burning them. But it can be daunting at first, if you're not sure where or How to Count Calories. No worries, I can help! Here are 8 tips for counting calories. Read carefully, and by the end, you'll be all ready, and know exactly how to count calories!

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Be Aware of Serving Sizes

Let's try an experiment. Grab a bowl and a box of cereal, and pour out what you think is a serving. Now look at the box, and measure what you poured. Chances are, you poured twice what a serving size actually is supposed to be. That's fine, as long as you're including both servings in your calorie count! Be careful, then, of serving sizes, and until you're comfortable with them, be sure to measure.


Get an App

I've tried so many calorie-counting apps, and the one I like best is free, by LIVESTRONG. Try it! It makes counting calories easy because almost any food you can think of is in there.


Know Why You're Doing It

Why are you counting calories, anyway? Are you just curious, trying to lose weight, or trying to gain weight? Keep this in mind while you're counting, and you're likely to be more attentive and honest.


Don't Forget the Beverages

Unless you're drinking plain water, don't forget to include the calories in your beverages, too. And remember, serving sizes count in beverages, not just food!


Keep a Journal

Counting calories is great, but perhaps even more meaningful in establishing trends, strengths, and weaknesses is a food journal. Feel free to start out with a calorie count, but gradually add more information and insights as you go along.


Don't Cheat

Why bother keeping track of calories if you're not going to be completely honest? Include every Oreo, every soda, every banana.


Don't Forget the Condiments

Did you know ketchup, mayo, salad dressing and most other condiments have calories in them? Be sure to include these, too, when you're tallying an overall calorie count.


Cook at Home

Counting calories at a restaurant can be overwhelming, even when most of the information is printed on the menu. Save yourself the hassle, and cook at home! You're much more likely to be honest in your count, and even eat healthier, when you're controlling the ingredients and serving sizes.

Now that you've read this list (and checked it twice!) do you think you know how to count calories? I hope so! Which of these tips do you think will be most helpful, and why? Or do you have another tips on counting calories you can share?

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