8 Great Post-Workout Stretches ...


These post-workout stretches will keep muscles loose while helping lower your heart rate after a workout. Dynamic stretching before a workout is important for reducing the risk of injury and increase performance, while static stretching after a workout increases range of motion and helps elongate bulked muscles. Static stretches are great post-workout stretches because they work the already warmed muscles, reducing the risks of over stretching. Add some of these to your post workout routine for increased flexibility and range of motion.

1. Flamingo

Yes, I call most post-workout stretches by their elementary school names. The Flamingo stretch is one of my favorite stretches to do after a long run or a leg-tastic workout. This stretch will work your upper thighs and hip flexor muscles. Stand straight with feet hip width apart. Bend your right knee and lift your right foot so it is pressed against your bum. Hold this position for at least thirty seconds, then complete with the left foot.

Shoulder Stretch
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