7 Extremely Common Fitness Mistakes Many Women Make ...


There are some fitness mistakes women often make that they are unaware of. So many make these mistakes that it becomes hard to decide what is right and what is not. Ten years ago, before I was a trainer, I made a few of these mistakes as well. I am here to stop you from making these mistakes and unveil the truth so that you can achieve your goals. These mistakes include diet, weights, amount of food consumed and much more. As you are reading this, you may wonder if you make fitness mistakes. Well, if so, you are not alone. Here are 7 fitness makes many women make and my tips on how you can correct them.

1. Not Lifting Weights until You Lose Weight

Muscle burns more calories at rest, so lifting weights is something every person trying to lose weight should do. And even if you are not trying to lose weight to tone and better your health, you should be lifting. Your weights do not have to be heavy; I lift ten to fifteen pound dumbbells at most and these weights give me great muscle tone. Integrate a weight training schedule into your routine so that you do not make this as one of your fitness mistakes.

Skipping Meals
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