8 Effective Ways to Lose Weight in Your Thighs ...


Losing Weight in Your Thighs can seem like an insurmountable task. While there's no way to lose weight in just one particular area of your body, it is possible to lose weight, and keep it off, across some key muscle groups... but wouldn't it be nice to lose weight in your thighs? I've consulted my personal trainer for advice on ways to lose weight in my thighs, and he's given me some very good advice. Again, you cannot lose weight in just one spot, but you can target a few key muscle groups that will help you lose weight in your thighs... ready?

1. Kick up the Cardio

Chances are, you already have a very good cardio workout, one that gets your heart thumping for forty minutes a day, four days a week. If not, it's time! And remember, you need to be a sweaty mess when you're done, or your cardio wasn't intense enough. Hop on the treadmill, take a class, hit the elliptical... go!

Go for an All-over Loss
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