7 Drinks That Hinder Weight Loss and Are Best Avoided ...


You know you have to count the calories in your food for weight loss, but there are so many drinks that hinder weight loss too. They can really add to your total calorie intake and are best avoided. It’s easy to forget that many drinks contain calories, so you chug them down and wonder why you can’t shed those stubborn pounds. Knowing more about drinks that hinder weight loss is so beneficial because you’ll be able to balance your favorite beverages with your meals so you aren’t getting in the way of your own success.

1. Soda

There’s a reason I put soda first on the list. When you grab a bottle or fountain cup of soda at the gas station, you’re drinking way more than one serving, which can translate to hundreds, even thousands, of calories. It’s a little heart stopping, isn’t it? A can of soda now and then isn’t as likely to harm your weight loss efforts, but several every day can. Diet soda is another on the list of drinks that hinder weight loss. It doesn’t have any calories, but it can leave you craving real sugar, leading to a binge session when you see a plate of cookies or brownies. It’s best to avoid any type of soda if you’re trying to drop weight.

Sports Drinks
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