Do Zero Calorie Foods Actually Exist?


The idea behind zero calorie foods is that they require more calories to chew and eat than they contain. Thus, you can eat them and still create a calorie deficit for weight loss. Sound too good to be true? The experts seem to be a bit divided on the topic, so that leaves it up to you to learn what you can and decide for yourself. The good news is that most foods that are considered zero calories are actually pretty healthy so they make a great food choice, even if they aren’t burning more calories than they contain. Here’s what you should know.

1. What’s the Science?

While most experts say it is entirely possible that zero calorie foods can take more energy to burn than they contain, there is no real scientific research linked to the idea. The theory came about when diet experts began to feel that certain foods, such as celery, were so difficult for the body to digest, that they required more energy to break down than they contain in the first place. That being said, these foods are generally nutritious choices so eating them shouldn’t be an issue.

Will They Lead to Weight Gain?
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