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Diet fads come and go, it’s always best to do a lifestyle change in order to not only lose weight, but to have a healthier lifestyle overall. I think most of us have tried a diet fad at least once or twice, so you probably know from experience that they rarely work. The desire to lose weight quickly often sends people looking for them though, so I’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular and some of the most outrageous fad diets ever.

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Cabbage Soup Diet

This is an oldie that has been around since I was a wee tot. This fad diet includes a detailed 7- day diet plan however, you are allowed to eat as much of the cabbage soup as you desire. This diet is a gas!


The Hollywood Diet

This is another one of the older diet fads, I think fads were rampant in the late 80’s-90’s. This diet entails drinking the magical juice 4 times a day along with water-and that’s it! Your daily caloric intake is around 400 so you’re pretty much guaranteed to lose weight despite the Hollywood juice.


HCG Diet

This diet caused a lot of controversy with the HCG hormone drops and the trivial 500-calorie intake. Many people swear by this and there are doctors who endorse this diet who say the product is backed by science. It sounds like weird science to me.


The Master Cleanse

This diet fad got a lot of attention after Beyonce said she used this diet to trim down for Dreamgirls where she lost 20 pounds in 2 weeks (The diet is normally done for 10 days). The diet consists of fresh lime or lemon juice, maple syrup, and cayenne pepper mixed with water which you can have 6-12 times throughout the day along with laxative tea and no food. I’m getting hungry just thinking about this diet!


The Pasta-Popcorn-Chocolate Diet

I almost passed out from excitement when I read about this fad! I have a carb and sweet tooth from hell! At any rate, some of the deets on this diet is unknown as I think the creator wants you to buy something to uncover the secrets. What I do know is that you get three meals with specific foods and three snacks. I think the secret is that it doesn’t work…


The Subway Diet

I call this the Jared diet; Jared Fogle (I’m sure you’ve seen the Subway promo model on the commercials) lost 245 pounds in one year by eating nothing but Subway sandwiches and drinking diet soda. I think I would start having aversive reactions to sandwiches after this diet.


The Fast Food Diet

This is one of the most unbelievable fad diets I've ever heard about. It allows you to eat specific meals at select fast food restaurants. You get to pick from a variety of meals on this diet but aside from being expensive, you will end up consuming an astronomical amount of sodium from eating all the fast food.

There are many more diet fads out there and I’m sure there are plenty more to come as long as we continue to look for a quick-fix to lose weight. Remember, as convincing as some of the testimonials might be and as great as the diet might sound, your health is nothing to mess around with. Weight loss is usually 70% diet and 30% exercise, nourish your body and treat it with respect! What's the weirdest fad diet you've ever tried?

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i actually did the hcg diet for two weeks (16 days total,, there are two prep days) and i lost 15 pounds and have not had a problem keeping it off. I'm 18 years old and also very active

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