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Check out the Amazing Benefits of Joining

By Leiann

There are loads of benefits of joining

Are you fed up with expensive weight loss programs such as NutriSystem, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, etc.? I have the program for you!

Back in 2015, I just happened to stumble upon The website is a fitness and nutrition website and right up my frugal The website was started by "SparkGuy", Chris Downey, who I cannot thank enough.

Upon creating a "free" account and getting your own "Sparkpage", which may contain as much or as little as you want people to see and know...such as your real name or screen name, bio, photos, "Sparkfriends", "Sparkteams", Comments, "Sparkgoodies", "SparkAwards", "Sparkblog Titles", "Sparkpoints", "Sparkpeopletv", "Sparkrecipes", Team Leaders, etc. If those aren't enough benefits of joining, keep reading for more great info.

1 Sparkfriends

For Sparkfriends, you can pick whatever members you would like to be your Sparkfriends, to take part in fitness, fellowship and fun as you please.

2 Sparkteams

For Sparkteams, they cover hundreds of topics, from hobbies to cooking, to exercise, to basically any topic imaginable.


Comments are little tidbits fellow members would like to share with you, mostly inspirational and motivational, from day to day.

4 Sparkgoodies

As for Sparkgoodies, they are like little presents that you can give to a member. You pay for these with the Sparkpoints that you accumulate from participation from day to day. For example, ten minutes of activity equals three points.

5 SparkAwards

SparkAwards are given to you when you reach certain milestones, such as logging in for seven days straight, or tracking your food or tracking your nutrition.

6 Tracking

As for tracking, you are able to track your fitness and nutrition just like an online weight loss journal.

7 Sparkblog

Just like a real blog, everybody can write their own Sparkblog, which can be about whatever a member wants, not just fitness and nutrition.

8 Sparkpeopletv

Sparkpeopletv is a part of the site that is just like your own personal gym, with exercise video after exercise video.

9 Sparkrecipes

Sparkrecipes is like an online cookbook, where members may upload recipes to share with other members.

10 Team Leaders

Members may choose to create their own team and be a team leader or become a team leader of a team in need of a new team leader. Also, there are co-team leaders, where there might be between 2 to 4 team leaders at the same time. Team leaders are kind of like a manager.

Believe me, this is the mecca of fitness and nutrition... and thanks to "SparkGuy's"!

I am writing this article for you out of my heart.

Are you ashamed of yourself and the status of your body and want to take on fitness in privacy? Nobody will see you on Sparkpeople (unless you post a photo)!

Do you need that little kick in the butt?

Give Sparkpeople a chance! I bet you will be a convert!

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