7 Reasons Why a Warm up is Important ...


7 Reasons Why a Warm up is Important ...
7 Reasons Why a Warm up is Important ...

Most of us exercise to stay in shape and when we’re in a hurry we very often skip the usual warm up assuming that it is the least important aspect of our routine. Conversely it is actually the most critical part. Professional athletes would never dream of skipping this step and here are 7 reasons why.

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Warming up Wakes up Your Body

An exercise routine puts your body under a fair degree of stress. Before you begin your body needs to wake up and get prepared for the beating that is coming its way. If you skip the warm up and dive right into your workout, it’s similar to getting out of bed and writing an exam. It puts too much pressure on your body.


Warming up Prepares Your Muscles

A few stretches and warm up exercises loosens your tight muscles before you begin exposing them to some trying times. It actually decreases the resistance posed by your muscles so that when you start exercising, your body cooperates rather than presents you with cramps and aches.


Warming up Prepares Your Heart

When you warm up you are sending more blood supply to your heart. This prepares the heart for the activity that is coming its way and reduces the chances of any cardiac related problems. If you skip this part, you could cause a rapid increase in blood pressure that would affect your heart.


Warming up Prepares You Mentally

Before you jump into your jogging, swimming or other exercise routine, it is important to prepare yourself mentally. The warm up is an excellent meditation technique designed to clear your mind of all worries and concerns. It gives you a time just for yourself and preps you for the routine that lies ahead.


Warming up Improves Your Workout

Since you have now woken up your body properly, prepared your muscles, prepared your heart and readied your mind, your workout is now going to be perfect. You won’t be plagued with painful cramps, joint pains, lack of breath and other predicaments that would affect those who skipped their warm up.


Warming up Reduces Chances of Sore Muscles

How many times have you found yourself in severe pain the day after a grueling workout? Sometimes you aren’t able to even walk, climb stairs or get out of bed. Your body has take a real beating and your muscles are complaining. A good warm up that focuses on the muscles that are going to be worked will prevent the soreness that follows the next day.


Warming up Helps Avoid Injury

The reason why professional athletes never miss their warm ups is because of this factor. Injury can make or break a potential sporting star and there is no easier way to hurt yourself than to start exercising without preparing your body.

Warming up is an integral part of an exercise routine. It should be given as much importance as the work out itself. A good warm up will ensure you can have a regular and pain free exercise program every day.

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