18 Ways to Prevent Weight Gain ...


We’ve all been there — you try to put on your favorite jeans, and they seem to have shrunk, just a little… where did this extra three pounds come from?

If you know the ways to prevent weight gain, though, that last-minute dash for another pair of skinny jeans can be a thing of the past.

Here are 18 ways to prevent weight gain… read on!

1. Move It!

Your weight gain and loss are as simple as a math formula.

If you want to gain weight, consume more calories than you burn.

But if you want to lose weight, consume fewer calories than you burn… see?

And what’s the best way to burn calories?

Get up and MOVE!

Dance with friends for half an hour.

Run around the block with your dog.

Practice your belly flop on the trampoline.

If it gets your heart thumping for 30 minutes a day, it’s exercise, and it’s one of the ways to prevent weight gain!

2. Make It a Priority Every Day

If you’re serious about preventing weight gain, you’ll be thinking about it all the time, at least a few times a day — mostly when you’re deciding what to eat or whether or not to exercise.

Make healthy eating and fun exercise a priority, every day, and you’ll prevent any sort of weight gain you weren’t looking for.

3. Find a Role Model

Who are your role models?

If they’re fit and healthy, chances are, you will be too.

Marilyn Monroe was gorgeous and curvy, but she wasn’t healthy.

Maybe a better choice, to help prevent weight gain, would be Jillian Michaels, or even your one friend who always seems to be running 5k races.2


4. Know Your Calorie Needs

Do you know how many calories you need in one day to help prevent weight gain?

If not, find out now, for free, at choosemyplate.org.

At the site, you’ll find customizable free tools that will tell you how many calories you ought to be consuming.

So helpful!

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