7 Ways to Avoid Gaining Weight from Eating out of Boredom ...


Do you often find yourself snacking because you're bored?

Do you wander into the kitchen during commercial breaks and grab something from the fridge?2

If you're gaining weight, it may be down to eating because you're bored rather than because you're hungry.

So to avoid piling on extra pounds, try these ways to avoid gaining weight from eating out of boredom …2

1. Take a Walk

Going for a walk can be a useful distraction to stop yourself from eating out of boredom.

Gentle exercise like this won't burn off too many calories and make you even hungrier.

Just take a route that bypasses any shops selling food, or go out without any money, so that you won't be tempted to pick up a high-calorie snack on your walk!

Drink Water
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