17 Valuable Tips for Maintaining Your Weight Your Entire Life ...


Managing your weight is something many people struggle to find balance with, and there’s almost innumerable tips for maintaining your weight out there, which can seem overwhelming at times.

Truly though, in a world obsessed with dieting, we often forget that in order to maintain our weight, the basic stuff really does work.

Trends and fads come and go, but clean eating will always be the best way, even if it is the most boring.2

Specific things about clean eating remain the best tips for maintaining your weight, due to how your body reacts to various foods and lifestyle choices.

Check out my favorite tips for maintaining your weight if you constantly struggle.

I find these help me stay the same weight year after year, and I feel so much better when I make these tips a priority in my life.

1. Reduce Sugar

One of the very best tips for maintaining your weight for life is to reduce all sources of sugar in your diet, and completely eliminate refined sources.

The lower the sugar content in your diet, the less you weigh, period.

Even natural sweeteners and fruits in excess serve as excess sugar.

Eat more vegetables than fruits and choose low GI sources like berries, papaya, apples and pomegranates.

Your body will switch to fat burning mode and a higher metabolism when it’s not trying to process additional sugars it doesn’t need for energy.

2. Watch Your Grain Intake

I don’t believe everyone should eliminate grains in their life, though some people do have strong sensitivities to grains.

However, I do think that we all need to monitor how many grains we eat.

Three servings a day is plenty and any more is simply taking in excess carbs your body probably doesn’t need for energy.

I suggest using whole grain oats, quinoa, brown rice, wild rice, amaranth, or sprouted grains as the only forms of grains you eat.

These are the most nutrient dense grains to eat, and they’re also more friendly to your weight.

Usually ⅓-½ cup portion is plenty per serving.

It’s also better to have them earlier in the day when your body has time to use those carbs for energy expenditure, not storing them when you’re going to bed and don’t need the energy.

Remember, complex carbs aren’t evil, but their purpose in the body is to provide fuel.

Think about them that way, and enjoy whole sources instead of processed versions like crackers, bread, bars and cereal.

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